Letting Go with Ty Andrews!

Letting Go with Ty Andrews!

February 19, 2014 at 10am eastern … Listen in Here Join UER founder, Anna Banguilan, as she talks it up with Ty Andrews, independent artist, singer/songwriter, musician and creative entrepreneur. Ty learned to feed his soul with music at an early age while growing up in a musical family as a ‘PK’ aka ‘preachers kid’ in a small church in Panama City, Florida founded by his father Eli Andrews, Sr. Ty is in the 2013 released movie, What is New Thought? a documentary film produced by Jon Miller featuring spiritual leaders Deepak Chopra, Della Reese, Wally (Famous Amos), David Ault and the growing impact of the New Thought spiritual movement and music. He is currently working with several producers on his forthcoming album recording project due to be released this month. The “conscious pop” album will consist of an eclectic diary of songs to lift the mind and groove your spirit. He also plans to record cover renditions of Karen Drucker’s In Beauty May I Walk and Joe Jackson’s classic 80’s hit, Steppin’ Out. For more on Ty Andrews, please visit TyAndrewsMusic.com... read more
Single Mindedness

Single Mindedness

When you expand yourself into this dense human form you actually create a state of “single mindedness” not in the sense that you are only doing one thing, as you are not, in any moment you are breathing, thinking, feeling, moving, and so many other things that you are not even aware of.. Cell growth to flying… What we are saying, compared to your Source self, you are focusing on the “human” aspect of living. In this single mindedness you are very aware of the newness of many things, from the growth of a flower to the contrast and expansion of your everyday. Some humans are more aware than others. Regardless of THE AWARENESS the growth and expansion happens anyway… you created it that way and so it is… We want to really help you understand this value and tremendous power in Being human… many do not give themselves credit and do not feel worthy of their existence here… not from their Source selves from the very “learning”(paradigms) that are brought forth in this physical lifetime… so many of you know the beauty of being Source AND you must understand that as Source your expansion is different… from this perspective (Source) you see everything as vibration AND you KNOW everything as vibration, there is no “newness” that you come to understand as human understands. You can create as Source AND yet, you create with this “single mindedness” on such an awesome level as a human and then you get to actually interact, play with your creations, thus, more expansion… as Source in your human understanding, we already KNOW everything, in human... read more

Tony Award Winner LEVI KREIS performs One-Man Show in Atlanta at Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta on April 13, 2013

Atlanta, GA…Levi Kreis, Tony Award winning Broadway star, is currently on his  Flying Solo Tour   and  will be performing solo at Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta (SLCA) on April 13, 2013 at 7:00pm.  SLCA is located at 1730 Northeast Expressway NE Atlanta 30329. Atlanta concert tickets available here:http://www.slc-atlanta.org/category/eventswww.slca.org.  Kreis became a Broadway star overnight with his effortless comedic timing and dazzling piano chops as Jerry Lee Lewis in the Tony nominated musicalMillion Dollar Quartet.   The role won him a 2010 Tony Award, an Outer Critics Circle Award and a Drama League nomination. Soon after, Kreis’ own queer-centric music found a most unlikely audience.   “I Should Go”,  originally written for a straight guy crush, became the breakout hit of the Season 2 Finale of  The Vampire Diaries   convincing Kreis to go back into the studio. He turned to his fans for funding and organized a  Kick starter campaign   so successful that the August 2011 issue of Billboard Magazine sited it as in the top three most successful campaigns to date. A year and a half later, Kreis is back with a new sound, a new single, and a new tour. Imagine Paradise, Kreis’ sixth album, drops June 20th and is his newest collection of 12 songs that are personalized, custom-written theme songs for some of his most generous fans. Dates for the  Flying Solo Tour   are scheduled through April and will continue to add on as the album draws near release.The Chicago Tribune   gives Kreis’ solo show “5 Stars” and reviews continue to reflect the same charisma that Broadway recognized two years ago. But before the world ever heard of Levi, it was gay media that introduced... read more

Live Your Dreams Movement!

Universal energy Radio is honored to be a part of the Live Your Dream Movement started by Stanley Dawejko Jr. and co-created by thousands!! Click on the banner to join the movement! See you there!!... read more

Health, Wealth and Relationships

A big welcome to the Being Healthy Network as a sponsor of Universal energy Radio. Being Healthy Network is an Independant Consultant for Nikken products. If you are not familiar with Nikken, it is an energy based company that uses some amazing technology that science is finally catching up with, hee hee! Check out videos on Youtube or check out our sponsors website. Very cool... read more

A conversation with Keri Nola, FUN AND Spontaneous!

I so enjoyed todays show with Keri Nola of http://www.pathtogrowth.com.  Keri is the founder of  Central Florida-based integrative healing center, Path To Growth, LLC and a highly regarded Psychotherapist, Heart-Inspired Coach, and Author of the book A Year on Your Path To Growth: Daily Inspirations to Reconnect with Your Soul. This off the cuff conversation, with a little singing, IS fun and inspiring. Listen in as Keri tells her story, talks about the “inspired” action to create her book and breaking through barriers. Keri shares her wisdom on how YOU can discover your inner wisdom for creating a healthy mind, body, and spirit and live an inspired life.   Listen to internet radio with Universal Energy on Blog Talk... read more

12-12-12 A conversation with two amazing Shaman

I AM finally BEing still and ALLOWING myself to BE The magnet and I have been truly blessed to have conversations with some incredible people. Such two amazing BEings are Souldancer and LionFire. In this episode we are discussing 12-12-12 and our perspectives on “The End of The World as We Know It”! I’m not giving it away, you will have to listen to the show to (we have received some nice feedback on this one).. I’ve put Souldancer and LionFire’s contact info below the player! In Joy! Listen to internet radio with Universal Energy on Blog Talk Radio LionFire www.lionfire.co Souldancer... read more

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